What is Plaid?

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Plaid is a safe and secure way to provide your bank information without jeopardizing the safety and security of that information. Plaid enables Tandym to connect with our users' bank accounts to process payments. Encryption safeguards, Security testing, and a Secure Cloud Infrastructure are just a few of the many precautions Plaid takes when securing your financial data.


It is important to note that with Plaid, you are in complete control over the privacy of your data and who gets to have access to that data. Please see below for additional information.


For more information about Plaid and how it works, follow this link to their company about page:https://plaid.com/how-it-works-for-consumers/


For more information about how Plaid keeps your information safe, follow this link to their safety information page:https://plaid.com/safety/


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